יול 26, 2022
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כיצד שימוש בתוכנה לניהול הבניין חוסכת משאבים לוועד הבית

If you are looking for technological solutions for managing a shared building, you have come to the right place! Our building management software will assist you in managing your shared home, especially when it comes to finances.

The last decade has brought with it innovative technologies which have also reached the world of shared house management, whether you are an independent Resident’s Association or an external management company.

We truly understand you; we know what the work of the Resident’s Association and the management of a shared building includes. We know how hard it is to chase after management fees, consult with the neighbors about any major expense and get caught up in bad practices that could all lead to a point where your building will have to go through more repairs than usual.

If the management funds aren’t collected professionally, it will directly impact the delivery of regular maintenance work needed in the building. The elevator may break down more often, the stairwell may be more worn out and the internal systems in the building may also break down.

It's time to go digital and move to a building management software platform.

Building management software – there is such a thing

Blink is a high-tech company that has broken into the digital world of building management, from low-rise buildings to the largest luxury towers.

We at Bllink understand the complexity of the relationship between the Resident’s Association and the tenants. This is a role that is performed voluntarily when it is in fact a full-time job. Together, we will know how to manage the building requirements on a regular basis and to keep the building funds in an efficient, fast and accessible manner.

Bllink's digital wallet allows for flexible credit card payments of management fees and a particularly flexible line of credit for debtors who haven’t paid. This way you, the building management team, will not have to chase the tenants, your relationship with the tenants will not be affected and you will enjoy managing the building in a comfortable and pleasant way without offending your neighbors.

Bllink provides automated tools alongside a personal support team for those who are less comfortable with digital technology. We offer an easy, convenient interface that enables a seamless experience, without the need for any digital expertise.

Call us now for a consultation and together we will improve your quality of life.

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