Jul 26, 2022
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How a Resident’s Association management system facilitates the financial management of a building

As a Resident’s Association, we often find ourselves encountering problematic situations, especially in the area of ​​collecting payments.

Anyone who has ever served on a Resident’s Association knows, that finances are the most important part of managing the building. Everything depends on good budget management: getting the ‘best for your buck’ for ongoing building maintenance, as well as major one-time projects

Collecting the money is also the least pleasant part of running a Resident’s Association, but it is a must. Without the collection, there would be no money.

Advancing a Resident’s Association management system that really gives results 

Whereas in the past you had to knock on neighbors’ doors in order to receive checks and issue receipts, today Bllink offers a unique digital platform for this purpose. This Resident’s Association management software, centralizes all the building payments into one safe place, enabling efficient and effective management of the association’s funds.

The payment process becomes fast, accurate and simple with zero technical knowledge required There is even a support team for the elderly at Bllink, who may be less confident to make payments online. As a result, the tenants are more involved, there is less risk of non-payment and the Resident’s Association can enjoy a simple and pleasant payment process.

Home management system – Questions & Answers 

Are the payments to Bllink taken into account as part of my credit line?

Absolutely not. The payment does not take up a credit line, and the system will make a completely separate charge each month.

Which date will the monthly payment be taken?

A monthly charge is made in a regular and orderly manner between the 16th and 17th day of the month. If you need a different date, you can always contact Bllink’s representatives and request a payment date change.

Are the payments safe and secure?

The payments in Bllink are secure and comply with all the regulations required for operating a financial service with credit cards, including international PCI standards that protect tenants’ information at the highest level available.

Is it possible to get a refund\credit?

Credit can be applied by contacting one of our Bllink experts who will be happy to help.

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