Jul 26, 2022
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How using a building management system assists the Resident’s Association with day-to-day maintenance issues

Even before COVID entered our lives, the world of building maintenance and the management of shared buildings were undergoing some major changes. After all, it isn’t an easy or simple task, but rather a complex and challenging job that is often outsourced to professional companies.

The last decade, characterized by many new towers and varied types of shared buildings that also require ongoing maintenance, has brought with it the need for technological and innovative building management. And with today’s modernization, it is certainly possible.

When we talk about ongoing maintenance, this includes cleaning, gardening, taking care of the shared facilities, such as a gym or a pool, coded entry keypads, elevators, game rooms, shelters and more. The maintenance also includes periodic inspections, replacements of mechanical parts, upkeep of control systems and repairs in case of failure or malfunctions.

All of these actions will be easier to perform when the building’s payment system works smoothly, and the collection of the management funds is done in an orderly manner through a building management system.

Building Management system – when innovation and quality meet

In today’s technological age, Bllink’s software is making it even easier to manage Resident’s Association payments by eliminating any reason to suffer from uncomfortable debt collection situations.

Bllink’s digital wallet allows for convenient online monthly payments to be made, while also ensuring that there is always a team of experts on hand to help anyone who prefers the personal touch.

Many Resident’s Associations are already benefiting from this innovative digital service of monthly payments, that also allows a line of credit. In short, Bllink offers a digital platform that enables the issuance of financial reports for the purpose of supervision, control and collecting money even for those exceptionally sensitive cases.

We at Bllink believe that a basic and high-quality infrastructure for managing payments to the Resident’s Association leads to high-quality day-to-day management of the residential building.

Call us now for a consultation on Blink’s interface, and we’ll show you how we can impact the relationship between Resident’s Association and tenants for a smooth fund collection system that will lead to a carefree maintenance process.

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