Jul 26, 2022
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How the Resident’s Association and maintenance domain has changed in recent years

Even in the years before the COVID pandemic, the world of building maintenance underwent many changes – taking it from a small and easy job to a professional domain that is often managed by experienced maintenance companies. Some of the reasons for these changes are the demand for higher populated residential buildings with more apartments and more easily accessible digital payment methods.  

Construction has expanded

In the last two decades construction has moved beyond standard tower blocks to modern high-rise buildings accommodating dozens of tenants. These buildings are like small neighborhoods with a large number of occupants, vehicles and also electro-mechanical systems that require additional maintenance. Since these elements significantly affect the quality of life of the tenants and the common living areas, their maintenance is divided into two: routine and preventive.

Routine maintenance includes gardening, cleaning and maintaining a pool or a gym in buildings where they exist, as well as general electro-mechanical systems, including the coded keypad at the entrance to the building, the heating system, the elevators and more. On the other hand, preventive maintenance refers to periodic inspections, replacement of mechanical parts, upgrades to digital systems and repairs in case of failure. In new residential buildings, you can often see many complicated systems of this type that require constant attention.

The payment methods have gone digital

Building Management fees are what enable the overall maintenance of the building. The newer the building, the more important it is to collect and manage the tenants’ fees, as the buildings usually include complex systems that require professional care. In recent years we have witnessed a growth in the use of digital wallets, the same virtual payment methods used in other areas of our daily lives. The reasons for the increase in digital wallets for Building Management payments are largely due to the convenience, the ability to monitor and control and lastly, allows us to leave behind the old “money collection” method.

The introduction of external management companies into the housing market

Along with the rise of computerized systems for managing Building Management fees, management and maintenance companies have also entered the market to provide various services according to the needs of the building.

In the past, these companies offered services mainly to office buildings or buildings with an infrastructure that required ongoing maintenance. However, the increase in the construction of residential buildings in recent decades has made it difficult for building representatives to manage their own maintenance requirements. Therefore, when it comes to the more complicated domains of energy control, parking lots with advanced features, fire sensors and other electronic systems, the management expertise of a professional company is often required.

The role of such companies is, among other things, to connect contractors and suppliers to the tenants, along with fee collection and the operation of joint maintenance. Their work can be divided into three main tasks: maintenance of the systems including the elevators, water pumps and air conditioning units, fee collection and account management plus ongoing maintenance and landscaping.

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